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about Fujitex

FUJITEX is a global trading company located in Japan. FUJITEX features its nationwide sales and logistic network all over Japan. In order to cover various types of market demands, we combine different sales strategies including direct customer calls, telephone marketing, EC commerce, seminars and consulting services.

Company nameFUJITEX Co.,Ltd.
Head officeShinjuku Garden Tower 13th Floor
3-8-2 Ookubo Shinjukuku Tokyo 169-0072, Japan
Tel. +81 (0)3 5155-2030 Fax. +81 (0)3 5155-2031
EstablishedAugust 1978
Salesabt $100mil
PresidentTaku Ohkoshi
Employees102 (178 in group)


Environmental Business Dept.
Waste management plants and systems
Reused equipment sales
Constructions and maintenance
Seminars and consulting

Sales Promotion Products Dept.
POP goods and sales promotion tools
Large format printers and supplies
EC web sites
Monthly magazines

Energy Business Dept.
Natural energy power plant (wind power, cogeneration)
Secondary and emergency batteries

Logistic Product Dept.
Distribution-line designs and construction
Material handling equipment
Warehouse management systems
Rentals and reuse of warehouse components
EC web site

Disaster Prevention and Disaster Recovery Dept.

Professional Search Dept.
As a recruitment agent / Professional Search specialized in the environment business, we support career change activities.

HealthCare Dept.
Anti-aging medicines development :collaborations with research labs and manufactures
Healthcare supplement and goods, EC Web site

Overseas Business Dept.

Social Activities
FUJITEX is proud of running two Business Academy Schools to contribute to Japanese industries and future economy growth. These two colleges have been established to foster future business ideas and venture new business. Students from large corporations, venture companies and entrepreneurs are hoped to be future leaders in Japanese economy. See
https://www.mpd.ac.jp/en/projectdesign/ for details.


Strengths of FUJITEX